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The Fair's history spans three centuries. It was 129 years ago, in the territorial days before statehood, when Arizonans first began coming together to show their best livestock, share their agricultural 4570fix3accomplishments, and have fun. In November of 1884, a group of citizens in the territory of Arizona wanted to organize an event with the family in mind. The very first Arizona Territorial Fair was held in Phoenix in late falls, near the Salt River west of Central Avenue. Fairgoers of the day were treated to4469 horse, pony, and mule races along with exhibits including agriculture, home economics, and dairy and beef cattle. Fairs were held here annually until 1891, when the untamed Salt River flooded and destroyed the site's buildings and racetrack. Reviving the Fair became the mission of a citizens' group which formed the Arizona Territorial Fair Association in 1905. Financed by its members, the group led by hotelier J.C. Adams purchased the present location for $9,200.The Association immediately developed the property, adding two racetracks, a grandstand, and a wooden fence around the grounds. To aid the Association with their 80-acre development, the Territory of Arizona created a Fair Commission. With a legislative appropriation of $22,500, the Commission constructed two buildings on the property. After renting the property from the Fair Association for $10 a year, the Fair Commission purchased the propertyIMG 5012 in 1909 for $30,000. With statehood granted in 1912, the State Fair Commission continued the work of the Territorial Fair Commission in presenting the annual Fair. With the exceptions of 1921 (cotton crop failure), 1934 to 1939 (Depression era), and 1943 to 1945 (World War II), the Fair has been presented yearly. The 2013 Arizona State Fair preserves the best of the Fair's traditions, while moving forward with 21st century innovations in technologies for education and entertainment. This year's Fair marks the 67th consecutive time Arizonans have celebrated with an annual State Fair. We here at the Arizona State fair is proud to announce our new relationship with Imperial Western Products ans the Biotane green team. Imperial Western Products d.b.a Biotane is an organization that specializes in the pettingzoo8collection, processing, manufacturing and marketing of waste cooking oil into biodiesel. Biotane is one of the few companies within the United States that is both BQ 9000 producer and marketer certified and has the ability to process any level quality of waste cooking oil into biodiesel that not only meets but exceeds the same ASTM specifications that traditional diesel fuels are regulated by. Our mission is to turn every drop of waste cooking oil that we collect into a renewable fuel that will reduce our dependence on crude oil and benefit the environment and our future.  Watch Biotane in action visit link and see interview by the local news station :

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