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Many businesses and individuals are shifting their focus toward becoming personally responsible for recycling, lowering green house emissions, finding alternative sources of energy, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

For over a decade the Biotane Green Team has been committed to making a difference by recycling waste cooking oil into an environmentally conscious clean burning alternative fuel: Biotane Biodiesel. Through the vision of creating clean energy from a potential waste source, the Biotane Green Team redefines recycling to include a truly sustainable waste-to-fuel application.

The Biotane Green Team has been awarded a Green Certification for their environmentally conscious commitment. To the old-school restaurant owner, used cooking oil is a nuisance and waste product, but to the Green Team, used cooking oil collection is just the first step in the process of making Biotane Biodiesel. The Green Team works hand-in-hand with Biotane Fuels to ensure that every drop of “waste” oil collected is converted into a clean burning, renewable fuel. As a legitimate replacement to diesel, biodiesel helps create a cleaner environment for everyone while reducing our consumption and demand for foreign crude oil.

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A quick video about our Alternative energy Divisions, BioTane Fuels and BioTane Pumping.

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