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For over a decade the Biotane Green Team has been committed to making a difference by recycling waste cooking oil into an environmentally conscious clean burning alternative fuel:  Biotane Biodiesel

Biotane Green Team redefines recycling to include a truly sustainable waste-to-fuel application.

Signing up with the Green Team is simple and FREE. After a company has signed up with us, one of our licensed drivers will bring you a brand new waste oil container custom fabricated to meet your individual needs, FREE of cost. You then pour your used cooking oil into our container. The waste cooking oil is collected by one of our licensed pumpers and transported to our state of the art rendering facility, where it is cleaned and manufactured into Biodiesel. To learn more about biodiesel visit

Make a difference, sign up with the Green Team today!

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What is Bio-Diesel

A quick video about our Alternative energy Divisions, BioTane Fuels and BioTane Pumping.

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